PROJECTS | Panasonic Swipe&Share IFA 2012



Date: Aug 2012


Multiprojection,Generative Content,Realtime 3D Animation



A monumental sculpture with a total of sixty-eight 55-inch monitors welcomes visitors to a realistic underwater world. The displays react in realtime and can be accessed interactively using touch pads. Visitors can choose from different images of fish and other underwater creatures on a tablet and swipe them onto the underwater world of the monument. A yellow fish suddenly comes alive and joins a school of its kind, a whale dives into the deep only to swim past moments later on the monitors. An interactive choreography of instantaneously transmitted fish comes into existence in the underwater world.

2 walls each with 34 Panasonic 55" SmartViera screens resulting in a resolution of 8,960 x 4,320 pixels per wall. The interactive content of each wall could be controlled / changed by 4 iPads simultaneously.

Official Project site with more info and detailed credits : tamschick-Panasonic-IFA012
In vvvv site : vvvv-Panasonic-IFA012

vvvv Team:

Gareth Griffiths uberact
Abraham Manzanares colorsound-ixd
Philipp Rahlenbeck multitouchberlin