PROJECTS | Pinball Mapping Jaén


item-media-Diputación de Jaén

Date: Nov 2014





Interactive Mapping projection at los Baños Árabes de Jaén
Centro Cultural Baños Árabes
Palacio de Villardompardo - Jaén

Organised by Diputación de Jaén |
Audiovisual Production: Item Media | item-media
Interactive Design and programming: Abraham Manzanares | colorsound-ixd
Coordination: Miga Cultura | migacultura
Production: Juan Ramón Canovaca
Historic content and scripts: Rafael Olmo y Vicente Barba

In the cultural center Baños Árabes - Villardompardo Palace is located in the historic center of Jaen city and its facade was chosen to do an interactive video-mapping projection in which through a custom pinball game, the public could learn while playing about the Arabic, Jewish and christian cultures that took important part in the history of Andalucia and in this case of "los Baños Árabes" in Jaen itself.