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On the occasion of the Norwegian Museum of Technology‘s 100th anniversary, the participatory exhibition TING invites visitors to explore and discuss the complex relationships between technology and democracy.

Visitors pass different zones while moving through the exhibition.
The Intro shows illustrations of 8 Objects representing the technologies to be discussed in the upcoming „TING“-Debates combined with contradictory quotes reflecting on the relationship between democracy
and technology.

Then a basic wooden block, analog to the digital pixel, becomes a haptic tool for visitors to trigger digital interactions within the exhibition and to cast their votes within the TING.

Moving further a section with iconic objects serves as case study area, that demonstrates that the value and impact of the technologies behind can be interpreted in many positive and negative ways.
There is not one meaning or truth, but many possible uses and impacts.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the grand amphitheater-like space of the TING

High-resolution video projection displaying linear video & real-time 2D & 3D graphics with a resolution of 5280x1056 pixels,

Interactive table, diameter 4m, resolution 1200x1200 pixels

IR-Tracking of untreated wooden cubes, 10 Microsoft tablets with real-time 2D & 3D graphics graphics

Official Project site with more info and detailed credits : tamschick-TING
In vvvv site : vvvv-TING

vvvv Team:

Julien Vulliet mrvux
Ivo Schüssler
Abraham Manzanares colorsound-ixd

TING exhibition won the following prizes :


· 2015 Applied Arts Design award July/Aug. 2015

· 2015 Ecsite: Creativity award Mariano gago June 11, 2015

· 2015 SEGD Global design awards programs, Honor Award June 4-7, 2015

· 2015 ADC Art Directors Club award – Won GOLD May 21, 2015

· 2015 Media & Technology MUSE award - silver award April, 2015

· 2015 iF Design award Feb 2015

· 2015 Communication Arts Interactive Annual 21 March/April, 2015

· 2014 IDCA award, Gold Nov. 2014

· 2014 Deutscher Designer Club, Gute Gestaltung, Good Design 15 award Nov.

· 2014 Red dot design award Oct. 2014