PROJECTS | Skybridge Elevator



Date: May 2015




Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

Lead Agency:


Digital Window in the Skybridge,s Elevator at Kingdom Tower.Saudi Arabia .

The Kingdom Tower,s Elevator in Riyadh city - Saudi Arabia.
Lifts people up to the aerial bridge called "Skybridge". It reaches 300 meters of altitude.

The elevator indoors does not have physical windows but since the 12th of may 2015 , it reopen to the public with a 4k screens system, which allow the visitor to enjoy an awesome experience.

Showing the city of Riyadh in a fabulous 3D recreation,the installation takes care of the time of the day and the direction of the lift "UP-DOWN" to display the right content and provide a joyful experience.

Produced : ibercover
Motion Graphics : Lectrovision
Programming : colorsound-ixd